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A little about us

Our dogs are raised in a family environment, with 4 kids , and 7 other dogs. Our breeding program is ran by the whole family and closely monitored by our reproductive veterinary. We don't live off dog money. (that's a red flag when breeder shopping) We have been blessed to own a successful construction company that affords us the ability to give our dogs the very best care.  Our goal is to breed muscled up athletic family dogs and to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers. We understand that a quality product and customer service is what makes satisfied customers. We consider our dogs family and they're all very pampered. Thats what we expect out of any families that are looking to raise one of our babies.

Even though we are a smaller kennel our dogs are top notch. We searched the country for the perfect foundation dogs with only the best pedigrees and even though are prices are less than half of what some of the larger kennels charge we know it's still a lot of money. What we want you to understand is the cost does not stop there , so if the price of the dog scares you this breed may not be for you. Food, housing, treats, toys, and vet visits all add up. We want anyone we do business with to be well prepared to provide a quality life for their new companion. 

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